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GLSH Museum

Germany GLSH Museum

GLSH Museum

Frankfurter Stiftung für Gehörlose und Schwerhörige
Rothschildallee 16a
60389 Frankfurt am Main


(translated fro m German by Google Translate)

"Since 2009 there has been an exhibition on the history of the deaf and hard of hearing in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center at Rothschildallee 16a in Frankfurt.

The exhibition in the museum, which opened in 2009, was not only a reflection for those Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, but also a source of information for hearing people on their way to get to know the world of the hard of hearing and the world of the deaf cultural community better.

On a museum area of ​​177 m², visitors interested in medicine and technology were greeted with a comprehensive overview of various historical devices for the "alleged" healing of deafness and hearing impairment through to the development of cochlear implants.

The exhibition on history was integrated into a new educational concept in 2019. The new experience exhibition, which was developed together with the Frankfurt University of Applied Siences and the Social Association VdK Hessen-Thüringen e.V., has been open since January 2020 and includes other exciting topics.

As a result of renovations, the exhibition has now been expanded to 200 square meters and is barrier-free. Visits and guided tours are possible by appointment."