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Danish Deaf History Society

Denmark Danish Deaf History Society

Danish Deaf History Society

Kastelsvej 58
2100 Copenhagen, Denmark


Døvehistorisk Selskab (Danish Deaf History Society) was established in 1981 for the purpose of collecting, archiving and publishing material which illuminates the conditions, lives and work of the deaf in Denmark.

The Society has set up a Historical Artifact Collection containing books, pictures and other material which illustrates the history of the deaf in Denmark through time.

The Historical Artifact Collection and the Museum are located at Langelinieskolen, the School for the Deaf in Copenhagen.

The Museum is small (approximately 400 items), archives (approximately 10.000 both documents and pictures), library (approximately 2000 books about deafness and sign language).
There is a small exhibition about deaf life in Denmark and collection about deaf and sign language from all around world.

The Collection is entirely based on voluntary work, consequently the Society is only capable of serving the members, the school staff and deaf individuals interested in deaf history.

If people want to visit, they can send an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make appointment.

Eva Abildgaard, Maja Toft and Jørgen 'Rødop' Nielsen show around the Deaf History Society's showrooms and present selected items from the Company's rich collection (International Sign)

More videos about Døvehistorisk Selskab (Danish Sign Language, no subtitles):