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The National Deaf Life Museum

The National Deaf Life Museum

The National Deaf Life Museum at Gallaudet University promotes and interprets the rich and complex deaf experience through exhibits and programming on campus and online.

Role of the Museum

A museum provides an unparalleled venue for sharing cultural information, history, and stories through the artifacts it exhibits, the films it screens, the artwork it displays, and the personal experiences it shares. The National Deaf Life Museum will present the heritage of an evolving cultural community, and trace the historic roots of the University and the community.

By promoting the open exchange of ideas about what it means to be deaf - and conversely, what it means to be hearing - with the local, national, and international communities, the museum will inspire examination of community identities.

As a place of historic, linguistic, and cultural scholarship, the museum will also serve the University and its visitors as an accessible resource on deaf life and artistic expression.

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