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UK: Action on Hearing Loss / RNID Archives

UK: Action on Hearing Loss / RNID Archives

"The Action on Hearing Loss Library, formerly the RNID Library, can trace its origin to a meeting held on 9th June 1911. The National Bureau for Promoting the General Welfare of the Deaf was founded by the wealthy banker Leo Bonn and a group of people interested in trying to draw together the various organisations that dealt with deafness and hearing loss to better promote the issues involved. 


By the 1990s the RNID (it became Royal in 1961) had outgrown Gower St and moved to Old St.  The future of the library was in the balance but Professor Tony Wright, then head of the Institute of Laryngology, negotiated the transfer of the collection management to UCL while the RNID maintained ownership and gave financial support to the collection.  For many years until her retirement in 2003 the librarian was Mary Plackett who knew the collection intimately having worked for the RNID since the 1960s."


The RNID rare books and archives have been transferred to https://www.ucl.ac.uk/library/special-collections" data-auth="NotApplicable" data-linkindex="0">UCL Special Collections

Special Collections is part of UCL Library Services, and its mission is to collect, preserve and make available archives, rare books, records and manuscripts to support the research and teaching of UCL. The department also carries out an extensive programme of teaching, events, exhibitions and outreach to engage UCL staff and students and external audiences with the collections.

Access to these rare materials is provided through specialised cataloguing, on-line access to catalogues and guides, dedicated enquiry services, invigilated reading rooms, digitisation services and publication advice.

The UCL Ear Institute and Action on Hearing Loss Libraries at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital in Gray’s Inn Road were due to close on Friday 21st August 2020, necessitated by the Hospital’s relocation within UCLH. Due to the current circumstances and the resultant early closure of the Hospital building, the libraries will not re-open in this location.
Arrangements are being made for the rehousing of the collections from both libraries. Important clinical and teaching material will be retained on open shelves at the Cruciform and Language & Speech Sciences Libraries respectively.

The core course books required by UCL Ear Institute/Audiology students will be located at the Language & Speech Sciences Library.

The rare book and archive collections owned by Action on Hearing Loss will be transferred to the stewardship of UCL Special Collections, and will remain available for consultation by members of UCL, UCLH and the wider public. Other material from the Libraries will be available for next-day delivery from the Library Services Store. "