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Gibbs, Amy

Gibbs, Amy


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Hearing Status, Languages



    • BSL
    • English

Country / Countries

England, UK


I am a bilingual graduate who is positive, organised and committed. I seek opportunities in researching or working in arts and culture sectors.

Examples of Work

I have a passion for heritage sites and keen to improve accessibility for deaf and disabled people.

I presented tours of Hopewell Colliery and Dean Heritage Centre for Living Options Devon. This was a voluntary role and it was an interesting challenge going into the mines to do the presenting. 

I check the websites of museums and heritage sites across the South West of England for their disability access information. I record which access facilities or services they have in an online checklist. I work with them in order to improve their access information and support deaf, disabled and neuro divergent visitors.

I am involved in disseminating research findings with the team. We create an access benchmark to assess the accessibility of over 3,000 heritage sites, art galleries and museums in the UK. In partnership with AbilityNet, The Wellcome Trust and other leading arts organisations.