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Working with Community Partners

Working with Community Partners

Free, 25 lessons

 "Working with Community Partners will help you think about your practice and partnership development considerations.

It is written for anyone in the museum sector who wants to know more about how effective partnerships can be. It builds on our pilot project, Partnerships with Purpose, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, during the course you may hear reference to this project."


Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Working in partnerships with communities can deliver a range benefits for both the community and the museum, working as equal partners.

Socially Engaged Practice

Encourages museums to deliver a positive social impact with the communities in which they function, this, as part of the Museums Change Lives, should be one of the starting point for working with Community Partners.

Practically Focussed

This course is more practical than our others to set you on a path of making local and relevant connections, whether you are looking to refine your thinking about community partnerships or want a checklist to use."

NB: You can also use this course to learn how you can encourage a mainstream Museum to work with you: a Deaf Museum or the Deaf Community.