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Working with Collections

Working with Collections

Free, 24 Lessons

 "Collections work is vital, and our collections underpin all aspects of museums. In this course we will look at some of the ways in which we can use our collections to keep them relevant for the modern world and represent our audiences better.  

We hope by providing a mix of information, exercises, resources and signposting you will be able to develop your confidence and competence around your own collections practice. "

Dynamic Collections Practice

Museum collections evolve and change in their nature, rather than to remain static. This course will help you understand the importance of this how it can be achieved.

Contemporary Collecting

Contemporary Collecting is vital for a museum to remain relevant to society and it is a process that should be ongoing and involve audiences and communities. This course will help you understand some of the approaches to contemporary collecting.

Interpretation and Use

The objects themselves are only one aspect of a collection, the memories and stories an item can unlock for an individual or commuyt is often the real value of the collection. This course will help you find your role in this process.