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Ti segno la storia (I’ll sign you the history) (IT)

Ti segno la storia (I’ll sign you the history) (IT)

A collection of interviews collected by the project “Ti segno la storia – Istituzioni scolastiche e vita quotidiana delle persone sorde nel XX secolo” (I’ll sign you the hi-story – School and daily life of Italian deaf people in the XXth century) was added.

This project was carried out by a working group on oral history in sign language of the Istituto Statale Sordi di Roma - ISSR (National Institute of the Deaf – Rome) and of the Associazione Italiana di Storia Orale – AISO (Italian Association of Oral History) composed of Francesca Di Meo, Susanna Ricci Bitti and Luca Des Dorides.

It comprises a corpus of 17 biographical interviews for a total of 28 hours with people who have lived the last decades of the history of the Italian deaf community and, in particular but not exclusively, with deaf people who use Italian Sign Language (LIS) as their main language. The interviews document the era of the Special Schools and their overcoming resulting from the Law no. 517 of 1977 – so-called “inclusion law” - through the stories of students, operators and family members between 46 and 89 years of age.

The individual interviews are uploaded as digital objects in the Fedora Commons Digital Asset Management where it is possible to archive, arrange, access and link the different digital assets, such as audio files, videos, and images. For the occasion, a pre-coordinated thesaurus was created and all the interviews were indexed with the AVIndexer software, which allows for the use of thesaurus in SKOS format. The metadata descriptors for individual digital objects are Dublin Core and MPEG-7 (standard for encoding multimedia content).

from: Deaf History International Newsletter #67

"Ti segno la storia". Presentazione della Digital Library dell'ISSR, 25 settembre 2021