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The Art of Storytelling in Exhibitions

The Art of Storytelling in Exhibitions

Author: Tim Willis

"We are storytelling creatures. Whether by the light of a campfire or the glow of a computer screen, it is in telling and listening to stories that we come alive.

However, many museum and art exhibitions fail to make this powerful connection with visitors. Exhibits convey information, but they should do so much more.

Our challenge should be to provoke and inspire, to get our visitors thinking and hope that they leave our exhibitions just a little bit changed.

Our inspiration is Freeman Tilden. In many ways, his book, Interpreting Our Heritage, is as relevant today as it was when he wrote it in 1957. His ideas are brought to light again within this Art of Storytelling tool.
Our goal is to go further than just presenting information. As Freeman Tilden said, our challenge is:

“To reveal… something of the beauty and wonder, the inspiration and meaning that lie behind what the visitor can perceive.”

For those of us working in institutions both small and large, the art of storytelling in exhibitions can be a challenge.

This tool seeks to inspire you to create exhibits that do more than just present information. Our hope is that it will help you on your path to great storytelling in your exhibitions."