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Museum for All

Museum for All

 Museum for All is a European network which promotes access to culture using a collaborative, inclusive approach.

The core of MuseumForAll.eu is an open access online database of museums, in more than 30 European countries. We gather existing information from museums' websites and allow potential visitors to compare it.

This way, we encourage museums to push their limits in terms of accessibility, multisensory experiences and openness to all potential and actual visitors, onsite and online, whatever their personal characteristics.

We try to make museums understand the needs of their visitors and help them remove existing barriers to culture and knowledge.

However, MuseumForAll.eu is not only a database and search engine for the end user; it is also an active network of professionals in accessibility and Design for All.

Members can discuss issues related to the field, get in touch with each other, receive information through a newsletter and link to our Twitter and Facebook pages. This way, institutions which have made an effort to be open to all visitors and serve their community by presenting their works in a multisensory, holistic way can showcase their achievements and attract new visitors, both online and onsite.