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DE: DFG Netzwerks Gehörlosengeschichte

The need for an exchange platform and collaboration between scientists who deal with areas of deaf history in their research is enormous in German-speaking countries. Not only because of the lack of institutionalization of the subject, but also because of the thematic diversity that deaf history means, or the research and conservation of it.

Only with the publication of the anthology "Between Foreign Determination and Autonomy. New Impetus for the History of the Deaf in Germany, Austria and Switzerland" in 2019 was this deficiency taken into account, whereby the editors Marion Schmidt and Anja Werner consciously used the broad spectrum of thematic approaches to the history of the deaf in their selection of texts and thus underlined the demand for scientific exchange and collaboration among researchers.

However, it took until autumn 2020 for the DFG Network of Deaf History to start work with the approval of the German Research Association. The network members and the scientific advisory board are made up of deaf and hearing scientists and stakeholders such as presidencies of deaf associations from German-speaking countries. The network pursues the goals of bringing the history of the deaf back into the participating disciplines through regular exchange and networking between members and disciplines and to anchor it better in science and to promote young deaf scientists. Specifically, these goals are to be implemented through joint panels at conferences, publications, third-party funding applications and a project website .