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Cool Timeline, a WordPress plugin

Cool Timeline, a WordPress plugin

Cool Timeline is a responsive WordPress pure HTML & CSS timeline plugin that allows you to create beautiful horizontal and vertical history timeline. You simply create posts, set images and date then Cool Timeline will automatically populate these posts in chronological order(ASC or DESC), based on the year and date of stories. You can easily show timeline on any page of your website using shortcode – [cool-timeline].

To be able to add video to your timeline, you need the Pro version, which costs 25 dollars, or appr. 21 euros.


Two examples made by the British Deaf History Society:

A Tour of Deaf Art: https://www.bdhs.org.uk/a-tour-of-deaf-art/

A Deaf History in 50 Objects:https://www.bdhs.org.uk/a-deaf-history-in-50-objects/