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ChronoFlo Timeline Maker

ChronoFlo Timeline Maker

ChronoFlo Timeline Maker is a web service for creating interactive timelines that can be shared online. It can be used to create everything from a timeline of a famous person's life to a timeline showcasing a company's history to legal and project management timelines.

Timelines created with ChronoFlo Timeline can be shared on the web. Our premium accounts also allow users to embed their timelines on their websites or blog.

Unlike many timeline apps, which come with one design and color scheme, ChronoFlo Timeline Maker has been designed from the ground up to be highly-customisable. There are numerous timeline templates to choose from, including 3d, horizontal and vertical timeline templates.

Each of these can in turn be given a dramatically different look using ChronoFlo's hand-designed themes and panel designs. Users can also create their own themes to ensure their timelines match their own unique branding.

ChronoFlo Timeline Maker offers a free account that allows users to publish a single fully-functional timeline. ChronoFlo's free account has the following limitations:

  • You can only create one timeline.
  • A max. of 50 events for the timeline.
  • You cannot embed the timeline on your website.
  • You can use images from the web or your own website but you can't upload images to ChronoFlo's servers from your computers.
  • Feed content does not appear on shared timelines.
  • Timelines feature ChronoFlo branding.

Paid accounts:

  • Bronze ($10.00 a month) : max. of 5 timelines, up to 500 events per timeline. 
  • Silver ($29.50 a month): max. of 25 timelines.