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BE: Doof Verleden Vlaanderen

BE: Doof Verleden Vlaanderen

Doof Verleden Vlaanderen is a voluntary organization that works closely with Doof Vlaanderen Vorming. The volunteers of Doof Verleden collect and preserve the heritage of the Flemish Deaf Community and make it accessible to a wide audience. The organization is still looking for archive material.

In addition, from 2004 Doof Vlaanderen Vorming (then Fevlado-Diversus) focused its attention on the archives of the Flemish Deaf community. With the support of the Flemish Community, the most important archives were made accessible and their preservation ensured.

Since then, Doof Vlaanderen has acted as an archive repository for the Flemish Deaf Community. The archives of national umbrella organizations such as Navekados and Fevlado and of sports associations such as the Flemish Deaf Sports Association can be consulted there. All archives are registered in “Archiefbank Vlaanderen”.

Flanders also has numerous local deaf associations since the 19th century. Their heritage collections typically include archival material, photos, posters, magazines, films, flags and emblems. Deaf Flanders provides public access to these collections in Atom, and in the associations itself raises awareness and training in the field of archive care.